Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What Not To Hear: Mates of State

(Mates of State look as annoying, smug and unlikeable as they sound)

Whilst scanning the calendars for upcoming events of interest, I was dismayed to see the Mates of State are coming to CT (and MA) this month. I've hated this band for years, ever since incidentally seeing them live opening up for Feist in NYC, and have avoided them completely in the meantime. Therefor, in the interest of "keeping it real," I offer you what I had to say about them after that unfortunate gig in February of 2006:
Unfortunately [Feist] had the shittiest opening band ever, Mates of State. the crowd was pretty friendly toward them though, which i guess is a big difference between hipsters and metalheads, who wouldn't hesitate to shout 'you suck!' Mates of State is like 2 hyperactive sexually confused teenagers on Rrozac and Ridlin shouting in your fucking ears for 10 songs in a row that sound like the same crap song. A wonderful example of how people can be both "talented" and "creative" and yet still "suck royally."
Avoid this band Feb. 19 at the Iron Horse and Feb. 20 at the Space.

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