Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another Shot at Love with CT Science Center

Thursday, Feb. 11: Liquid Lounge @ CT Science Center

We were underwhelmed in the past by the CT Science Center's Liquid Lounge, with it's pricey, difficult-to-obtain drinks and unfitting kid-friendly milieu, but our need to get loaded in diverse settings is strong, so we'll probably be checking out this month's second Thursday party at the museum. Besides, it's, uh, Valentine's week, and we're feeling openhearted. They've promised us cool jazz (bleh), fiery salsa (the dance not the dip), and something called exercise poles (are they anything like stripper poles?). CT Science Center is urging us to continue the boozing all night at something called the Crush Lounge, which sounds extremely sexy, at least judging by that suggestive name. The Science Center is labeling this event "geek-chic," which is great, because that means you can be there and be square.

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