Friday, October 9, 2009

Night at the Museum

Maybe it's something about the insurance industry, or maybe it's simply a smart business move to extend weekend consumerism, but Thursday nights are for high-brow drinking in Hartford, with first Thursdays at the Wadsworth, second Thursdays at the Connecticut Science Center, and third Thursdays at Real Art Ways.

We attended last night's event at the Science Center, and are a little disappointed to report that we were a little disappointed. The $10 admission price is a reduction from the standard cost of visiting the museum, but if you wanted a drink you were out another $6-9 per, which seems a little steep, and the exhibits are really gaudy looking and kid/moron-friendly, so it's not like some kind of mind-blowing aesthetic or intellectual ride hanging around in the galleries.

On the upside, the rooftop weed garden (weeds, regrettably, not weed-weed) is a lovely place to stand around while the weather is still fine, the rather dull sounding jazz combo had an awfully cute drummer, and we ran into several gays as well as one radical area journalist, which means this scene is at least a little hip. We also enjoyed overfeeding hideous education device Esther the Digester:

And learned some really annoying shit to pull at the bar:

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