Friday, October 16, 2009

Made In CT

When in Winsted, I always buy lunch from the Stop n' Shop salad bar, which is relatively healthy and hella cheap. Yesterday I didn't have a drink from home, so I also picked up a "Currant Affair," because I was thirsty, but mostly because that name is just so cute. The label boasts of black currants' ultra high Vitamin C and antioxidant content, and appeals to Euro/Anglophilia with references to the popularity of black currants throughout Europe. (It's true - they flavor their candies and sodas with it!) Connecticut Currant's Currant Affair juice has simple ingredients - just juice, water and sugar, and most importantly, it is a product of our own Preston, Connecticut. So now you can drink elite, healthy and local all at the same time. The flavor, for the unitiated, is not quite as sweet and addictive as some other purple juices - like those pricey pomegranate and acai cocktails - but with a subtle, mature charm of its own, which I suspect has great potential as an alcohol mixer.

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