Sunday, October 25, 2009


We have oft maintained that it is more or less intellectually lazy to criticize others' shortcomings in the areas of spelling and grammar. But sometimes other people's fuck-ups are just too funny to ignore. And while spelling and grammar in informal venues like message boards and comments sections is one thing, glaring malapropisms on a business website are quite another.

From the Hungry Tiger monthly music calendar:
COLUMBIA FIELDS - Fresh off their new CD release produced by Singer /songwriter Grayson Minney and Eric Health this "Dave Mathews" esk type band

So thanks for the laugh, Hungry Tiger, even if it was cheap and we feel kind of dirty now. Keep on doing what you do. Trad blues and Dave Matthews-esque rock are certainly not our first choice cup of tea, but we appreciate your ongoing commitment to live original entertainment in Connecticut, and the fact that we regularly get hit on by men and women when we do make it out to your joint. Maybe it's something in the tea. We would even consider going to see aging guitar hero Jimi Bell and Diamondback on Oct. 30, if only to get hit on by weird old biker ladies with too much information to share about Mr. Bell's jimmy, but we have actually have hipper, sexier plans that evening.

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