Tuesday, October 27, 2009

NOT Hot at the Lot

Catalina Coffee Co. Morning Coffee
found @ Ocean State Job Lot, Bloomfield

Pantry purchases from tha lot always run the risk of disappointing, but as we've mentioned before, this disappointment generally comes so cheaply that you can't hold a grudge. You might even say it was "worth it" for the knowledge, because knowledge is good.

But some things are too terrible to know, and the "full flavor" of Morning Coffee is one of those. You might think we should know better - coffee from a can, with milk? Really? But it's delicious when Starbucks does it - matter of fact, it's about the only thing they do right! Anyway, the rancid stench hits you first, but if that didn't deter you, you'd be on to the pissy taste.

Morning coffee is cheap at 50 cents a can, but just because you "can" doesn't mean that you should.

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