Friday, October 30, 2009

This Weekend @ The Space: No Sense of Humor, Good Music

Friday, Oct. 30: Halloween Party Thingie @ The Space, Hamden

The Space is a problematic venue for us, in that we totally respect their commitment to live original music, and they often book bands that we like, but we totally resent their preference for a polite, attentive, sober audience. And the fact that they have a "donate" tag on their web page. Uh, no. We have occasionally appreciated a calm, orderly venue, but our best live music experiences have most often involved drinking and shouting, so - it's quite a quandary! For Halloween they will be hosting a bunch of bands we've never heard of, and holding a costume contest involving cash and other prizes.

BUT, they warn: "Inappropriate or overtly sexual costumes will be disqualified!"

Well, there goes all our ideas.

Saturday, Oct. 31: The Dear Hunter @ The Space, Hamden

Thank goodness there's no judgey costume party on Halloween itself! The Dear Hunter sounds like a great band, kind of in the vein of, uh, prog-core bands like the Mars Volta, who everybody liked so much a few years back. Yeah, we think "Dear Hunter" is an annoying sounding name too, but we wouldn't let that stop us.

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