Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Touring Torrington, too: Michele's

This afternoon was all about the Betties - Brazen Betties and Betty Boop here, if that wasn' obvious to ya. I needed a snack in Torrington. There were side by side coffee shops on Main Street, but I chose Michele's Gourmet on Main. Probably because of Betty - that's cute! Michele's is in the location that used to be Chiane's. Inside is long and nondescript, but the quality treats make up for the bare-bones decor.

Mary-Kate, the very nice (and cute!) barista, understood my need for a "real Chai" and prepared me a lovely, giant chai latte with soy milk, a little spicy, and not to0 sweet with a bit of honey. I also got a peanut butter and chocolate bar, supersized as well, that MK made herself - "two hours of love" went into those bars, said she. That sounds hot!

Both items were delicious, though half the bar is in my fridge, which is A-OK. Breakfast! I didn't explore the "real food," but Michele's also serves breakfast all day, plus salads, paninis, wraps, sandwiches and burgers, and has some gluten free and vegetarian options.

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