Friday, April 9, 2010

Spend Saturday With the Cool Kids - But Where?

Saturday, April 10: FUN @ the Northeast Megalopolis

This Saturday night is another one for the cloning device, as there are multiple mega-events going down in cities near us. Here in Scenic Hartford it's The Social Event of the Season, Real Art Ways' annual Odd Ball. We already love their great monthly party and have been listening to our friends go on and on about costumes, performers, surprises and secrets for weeks now. Stay at home at risk of being tortured by all those same peeps Facebook gloating about how awesome everybody looked, how amazing everything was and pictures of Hartford's hipsters having fun without you...

Setting our sites beyond CT, we find another Very Special Event taking place in New York City. Now you could torture yourself every weekend, supposing that there are cooler things happening in NYC, and it's probably true, in a way, but it's also true that NYC is filthy and crowded and expensive and many of those cool people doing cool things are basically insufferable and they don't want to talk to you anyway, unless you can offer them a gig, so don't sweat it. This weekend: sweat it. GWAR's Dave Brockie has an art show opening at Brooklyn's MF Gallery. We been to such an event before and can totally vouch for it. Check out Brockie's hilarious personal page for a taste of his art and humor, or one of his many recent appearances as intergalactic correspondent on FOX News (ugh) channel's Redeye:

And then there's Providence, a city we generally resent for being so cool and just a little bit too far away for us to visit as often as we'd like to. Friends of the blog You Scream I Scream will be performing at classy joint Lupo's along with some other radio station band battle type contest winners, and we'd sure like to be there to show our support, and visit some of our Providence peeps we've been missing. Maybe you need to catch with Providence too.

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