Sunday, April 4, 2010

Scene It: YSIS Video Shoot

I am compelled to wake up at horrible early hours to do miserably obligatory shit all week long, so waking up before 7 a.m. on a Saturday wasn't a major physical stunt, and this was in the name of FUN. Arrived at Real Art Ways bright and early in order to fully participate in the video shoot for You Scream I Scream's "High Maintenance," directed by Boston musician and apparent videographer Spooky Daly. Spooky also directed this amusing clip for the band's "Dog":

I don't want to give away all the fun details of the upcoming vid, but the shoot itself was a gay old time, since it was a cross-section of the RAW crowd and area musicians that all hang out together anyway - just at an odd hour. In order to get into that usual social comfort zone and cope with some downtime early on, we started drinking immediately. This kick started our always razor sharp wits: I was all "OMG, Floyd is like a poor girl's Adrian Grenier," and then Krash was like "HA! Maybe a poor, blind, homeless girl's Adrian Grenier." Look, he's a fox.

The concept for the video includes the band as movie stars, with all of us rabble portraying an obnoxious media mob and alternately adoring and abhoring fans. Here is a sneak peak at the band and their hott dates getting all glamorous for their red carpet moment:

That looked like so much fun - next time I insist on a starring role!

And here is the wreckage after we totally trashed the RAW theatre:

Check out the FB gallery for more tomfoolery from the morning.

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