Monday, April 12, 2010

Brooklyn's Finest - Art, that is

Back in the day I attended an art opening by GWAR's singer Dave Brockie, the man behind the phallus, aka Oderus Urungus, FOX News' interplanetary correspondent, etc. Brockie opened his show of paintings and drawings with an obscene performance piece as a creature named Chippy. This weekend, Brockie/Chippy - and I - returned to the scene of the crime. Well sort of, as the scene of the crime, MF Gallery has moved from their sexy LES location to every-so-slighly less sexy Cobble Hill, Brooklyn (it's up and coming, right?). Saturday night's event was an art opening and "Crackathon" kickoff party - the real Crackathon is next weekend, and will feature performances by Brockie and a bunch of other musical and performance art guests.

I walked in as Chippy was finishing up an acoustic set and squawking something about animal rights giving money. The gracious, humble rodent took his bows and then made rounds in the gallery serving some kind of terrible focaccia bread appetizer to all his fans:

We also obtained some kind of terrible keg beer, which pretty much set the tone and the menu for the night. Oh, and there was art by Brockie and other members of GWAR:

Then a kind of terrible, but somehow likable band called Dethrace played a set. These young up-and-comers obviously idolize GWAR and had charmingly absurd homemade costumes and giant platform shoes. Dethrace is a growly metal band, who played rudimentary riffs over a drum machine and a dude in demonic dress whose only job appeared to be dancing with the audience (maybe he's actually the drummer and there was no room for his kit).

Nobody worked harder than Mr. Brockie, who performed, meeted and greeted, and captured all the action on camera:

The gallery ran out of beer, but a resourceful member of Team Scenic resolved the situation with a quick trip to a bodega for some Ballantines and baggies so we could keep the party going and stay classy:

Martina and Frank are the great people who put the MF in MF Gallery (yeah, see, it's not what you were thinking):

Donate, RSVP and get yourself down to Brooklyn, or be a pussy, stay at home and tune in live to for all the action next Friday and Saturday night. Check our FB page for more pics, and stay tuned for more coverage next weekend.

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