Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Touring Torrington: Brazen Betties!

Regrettably, Team Scenic was unable to attend the Brazen Betties recent first birthday/anniversary street fair, but I made it up to them (and myself) by paying a visit to the Main Street shop in Torrington this afteroon. Of course I anticipated loving this shop, which specializes in Connecticut designers only of retro/steampunk/pin-up clothing and craft, so I wasn't surprised to find that everything there was wonderful and trying to come home with me. Owner and designer Julia Sloan was there, and we're totally Facebook friends already, so we were like "OMG HI" and she tried to apologize for the mess, but I was all "What mess? You should see my room." Or my car. Actually you shouldn't. But there was no mess.

I was really into fashion by De Milis (designer Melissa Scianna), which has a elegant, vintage look. Also impressive were Give Them The World's creative "recycled" garments - women's and children's clothing made from men's shirts and ties.

Best of all was the jewelry and sparkly shit, especially steampunk inspired pieces by White Flag Designs (I had to have one).

There was much, much more CT talent on display in this little shop. Who knew!?

I'll be back.


  1. Spread the word - Brazen Betties rocks! Glad to see them getting the attention they deserve.

  2. I always need more money to spend there!