Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Scene: A few words about the weekend

Let's start with Thursday. Team Scenic got together at Real Art Ways for the monthly Creative Cocktail Hour, which was as poppin as ever, so everyone was well recovered from last weekend's Oddballin' and whatnot. Jackie Scenic was pulled into some swing dancing, while I went around attempting to take the least flattering pictures of everyone (check the FB...). New art was on view by Shawn Huckins. Our readers know that we here at CT Scenic have a bit of an obsession with "phallic artistry," which we have spotted in past RAW exhibits and around town. But as you can see, Huckins' pieces do not resemble genitalia of any kind. This means that they are either the purest art ever, or not art at all! Somebody tell us!

Friday night I accidentally saw a hot, hot band at Sully's, Wisebird. I was just there chatting up a long-lost-and-found friend from the opening cover band, John from Stealing Jupiter (or John from Society's Children, as he will forever be known in my heart). Wisebird are a nationally touring act from Texas. They don't just sound like a legit band, they look the rock star part, with their abundance of hair and funky vintage/hipster/hippy threads. They have a classic/southern rock sound, kind of like the Allman Brothers, with plenty of slide (and regular) guitar solos, prominent keys and vocal harmonies. The main vocalist is also the drummer, which is pretty special. He is adorable, and undoubtedly up to his eyeballs in pussy wherever they go.

They played to a rather small crowd, but the folks who were there were very enthusiastic, including a bunch of peeps who were moved to "boogie" on the dance floor in a gross display of overt "bootie" shaking by the ladies and slovenly dress with sloppy moves by the fellas. Ugh, not to mention the many public displays of affection.

By Saturday, I was all going outed out, especially after compulsively exercising in the cold drizzle all day. But in spite of my reservations about notoriously embryo-faced star Matt Smith, I was able to bring myself to watch the new, new Dr. Who on BBC America, Saturday night, which was satisfactorily charming. Smith's performance aped my boyfriend David Tennant's manic style quite a bit, a bittersweet and ultimately appealing way to play it, and his new companion is cute as heck. I'm not sold on his tweed and bowtie (and youthful vigor, yuck) after all that great pinstripe, etc. but I'm gonna stick with it., cause why not. I have no other programs right now! For a more thorough discussion with enthusiastic commenter participation, you should follow the AV Club TV Club for Dr. Who.

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  1. I'm not sure about Smith yet. He seems to aping many a mannerism from Tennant. Part of me wants him to be his own Doctor. However, I'm only three episodes into the series and am not really sure he's had a fair chance to hit his stride yet.
    I'm actually debating a complete dork's weekend with a Dalek marathon spanning all the Doctors followed by a run out to see Jim Henson's youngest daughter give a speech. You down?