Monday, April 19, 2010

What's Hot at the Lot: Snacks, Shorts

With my busy schedule, it's important to have plenty of snacks, in order to stay safe, alert and awake through a neverending list of hideous obligations that don't include "making the scene." And with my empty wallet, Ocean State Job Lot is where I turn. Today I am excited about this 32 oz. jug of maple syrup for $12.50. Maple syrup at the conventional grocer can be up to $8 for 12 oz. You do the math! Polar seltzers and sodas are always in stock at the Lot, and at $1.50 per six pack, I can forgive them for not being so gently effervescent as Perrier (which is also often in stock, but not at any dramatic savings). And Cadbury Finger cookies are a delicious, chocolate covered way to express my elitist Anglophilic posturing on the cheap.

This past year I started running. I never though I'd run, I chalked it up as an activity for masochistic assholes. But then I realized that describes me exactly, and away I ran - literally! HA. Because I'm extra sick, I've been a most enthusiastic winter runner in my thermals, knits and boot spikes... Now it's getting unpleasantly warm and clear and sunny, I need other things to wear. The Lot always has Russell Athletic gear in stock. I'm psyched about these $5 shorts and tops, which are comfy and sporty.

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  1. My friend has a farm way the hell out there in VT. They will supply me with maple syrup for teh cheaps.