Friday, April 23, 2010

Friends of the Blog Friday

Friday, April 23: Music @ CT Clubs

We've heard about loads of shows happening tonight, many of which involve folks we know, some of whom we like musically and/or personally. Check them out, one of these must be a venue near you:

Our old friend Matt (who we remember from the Injections) will be playing with his band the Midnightmares, along with They Hate Us and Shangk at Cousin Larry's in Danbury.

Steven Deal (we totally know him) will play with the Soul Merchants (we totally went to high school with them) at Cafe 9 in New Haven.

Falling Stickmen will play at Cook's Cafe, a venue we are assured exists, in Naugatuck, a town we haven't been to.

Friend-of-a-friend (we'd totally like to know her) Katie Vicious has her birthday show at Two Boots in Bridgeport with Amy Rose & her Troublemakers, The Arkhams and Soul Reapin' 3. We know Two Boots from NYC. They have rad pizza.

Sounds exhausting! Kudos to those few bands with non-Myspace pages for us to link.

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