Thursday, April 22, 2010

Just did a Double Take

This afternoon I stopped by Double Take consignment shop of Canton, which is housed in this adorable pink house, or Pink House. I've driven passed it a zillion times, it looks so cute I kept meaning to stop...

On the inside, Double Take is very much what you'd expect and want in a second-hand store - all the usable space is full of clothing, which has been thoughtfully organized, including a petites section (for Team Scenic!), and clearance racks, for just in case really cheap isn't cheap enough for you. The room with the petites also serves a communal fitting room, which I think is just charming. Communal fitting rooms foster such a feeling of fun and camaraderie with your fellow shoppers, while discouraging vanity and self-consciousness. I remember fondly trying on clothing with the nicest ladies once at the Japanalia warehouse sale... Everybody was so encouraging! "You need that - it looks great on you!"

At Double Take, I was very tempted by this exquisite pink coat. But since it was not quite in the dirt cheap range (it was $40) and I have loads of awesome coats, I had to pass.

I also passed on this extraordinary item, which would have been quite reasonable at $15, but I have loads of clown suits at home too, so...

However I would have been remiss going home empty handed. I bought this fine dress for $3. Three dollars!

Oh, fine, I guess you really need to see it on to appreciate it...


  1. Now I might just have to make a stop on my way home one of these days!! I could use a three dollar dress as well.

  2. What a fantastic dress!! Sounds like a great way to spend time and not spend much money!!!Thanks for the day-trip idea!

  3. I prefer Canton, Massachusetts. They have a place called Cobb Corner. This allows the Joss dork in me to go "OMG IT'S LIKE THAT EPISODE OF FIREFLY! JAYNESTOWN!!!! JAYYYYNE THE MAN THEY CALL JAAAAAYNE" which makes for some seriously awakward train rides as I live one town over now. But yeah... let's go see Serenity in June.