Sunday, April 4, 2010

Doubleshot of Bobbie Peru

Saturday, April 10: Bobbie Peru, Slim Francis, Kimono Draggin @ Brass City Records, Waterbury & Cafe Nine, New Haven

We've mentioned a bit about Bobbie Peru's interesting history and frontman Bert Genovese's Connecticut connections when they came through last November. We checked them out at Sully's, where they played with their buddies Slim Francis (a Brooklyn band with CT roots) and Bloodshot Hooligans. Both bands return to the area Saturday for two shows - a 2 p.m. matinee at Brass City Records and a normal nighttime gig at Cafe Nine. Bobbie Peru will be debuting their new American lineup (last tour's rhythm section was Brit) which includes New Haven's Kurt D'Aniello on bass and George Matthews on drums. Both these bands are bad-ass. Well, Slim Francis is kind of low-key, so maybe bad-ass is not the word, but we like them a lot. Check out one of these gigs!

Here's a vid:

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