Monday, November 9, 2009

Midweek Music: Bobbie Peru & Slim Francis

Wednesday, Nov. 11: Bobbie Peru, Slim Francis @ Cousin Larry's, Danbury

Several years ago when I was journalisting professionally I had the pleasure of writing about a band called Adom, who I thought really had something. They were from Georgia, but their label had moved them to Manchester, England, which is very sexy on its own. Additionally, they had attracted the interest of my favorite proggy band, Porcupine Tree, who took them around on tour in Europe. Adom played an excellent show in 2004 at BAR in New Haven, and I was sure that the lead singer and I must be soulmates, since he was hot and worked in newspapers too.

Alas, it was not to be. The band was not to be at all. But their legacy survives, sort of, via Bobbie Peru, a band featuring Adom's bass player, who is also hot and works in newspapers, as frontman. Bobbie Peru is a lot more abrasive and punk, and has fucked up anatomy porn lyrics about getting eaten alive and shat out. They are touring with their good friends, Slim Francis, who sound nothing like them (they sound like agreeable classic American rock, or "indie" as we call it when it's new).

They are playing at Cousin Larry's in Danbury this week, and they'll be in Hartford Nov. 21 at Sully's.

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