Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hit Me Bloarzeyd One More Time

Sunday, Nov. 8: Bloarzeyd, The Vultures @ BAR, New Haven

Truth be told, New Haven's Bloarzeyd are a bit abrasive for our delicate aural palate, but we want very badly to like them anyway, as they seem authentically odd and entertaining, and have very funny (as opposed to irritating) pictures and art on their MySpace page. Apparently this is our very last chance to see them; Sunday night's show will be their last. That's so romantic. Like breakup sex.

Also performing will be the also appealingly abrasive Vultures, also of New Haven. Gee, it would be refreshing and geographically desirable for your scenic bloggers to be able to hear some of this adventurous aggro music in the Hartford area one of these days, instead of the same old schlocky hardcore and poorly executed local metal we are occasionally treated to. Oh well, whatever.

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