Thursday, November 12, 2009

omg wtf?

Monday, Nov. 16 @ The Space, Hamden

I was just browsing around, wondering there were any cool things happening in CT this weekend or ever. Over on The Space's calendar, I stumbled across a mysterious listing for a "1st Annual Christian Metal Night." This concept of "Christian metal" is destined to clusterfuckery as it is, but the only link for this gig is some total assclown's MySpace page, which features a bunch of Christian rap performed karaoke style by the artist I presume to be "King James," purveyor of "off the hook Christian rap from crunk styles to reggaeton with classical." Further futile investigation on Youtube tells me there's an actual Christian metal band that can play instruments and stuff, also called King James, but they appear to have no affiliation with the assclown or gig in question. Alas, I am not available to attend this intriguing happening, but hope that some other godless heathen will and let me know what's up!

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