Thursday, November 12, 2009

I wanna hold 'em like they do in Hartford, please

What: Gay Night
When: Sunday, November 15
Where: Vegas Blvd., 233 Sisson Ave., Hartford, CT

It seems only fitting that this Vegas-themed dive wouldn't have an equally trashy address here on the internets. We can only provide you with two opposing Yelp reviews, if you're into that sort of thing. In our experience, hanging out at Vegas is kind of like sitting in your living room, only with more hipsters*. They let you change the channel, no one really talks to one another (not even the people who came in together), and you can often smell pot coming from the back room. This is the scene on say, a Tuesday, anyway... I think the weekends are typically livelier and full of even hipper hipsters. Oh, and our personal favorite... there's Elliott Smith in the jukebox.

What we're getting at here, is that there have been rumors about a gay night cropping up at the ol' Vegas Blvd, and according to our sources, the fun begins this Sunday night. When we asked for time specifics, all we got was "all night." So, depending on what that means to you, show up "whenever". And wear something gay.

(*Hipster data may vary from your own living room.)

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  1. obviously we need to attend, buy up an Elliot Smith marathon, and see who falls in love with us.