Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Deer Tick, you're making it kind of hard to like you

Thursday, Nov. 5: Deer Tick @ The Space, Hamden

Providence, RI's Deer Tick are one of the coolest bands we've heard from our area (we claim the whole region, what with the states being so small). We love their gritty, soulful, Americana-inflected classic rock sound (e.g "indie") and think they would be simply lovely to see in concert. However, we've just gotten a look at their woefully ironic myspace page - look, they're a "Christian Rap" group! They have hideous facial hair, and dress like they're going hunting! HA! They put the band logo onto a cheap looking beer can!

Anyway, party on guys, the music is fine. We might prefer to see them at a different venue, like the Iron Horse this Saturday, where we could pretend to enjoy a can of PBR, or better yet, genuinely enjoy some other beverage that doesn't taste like pee-pee.

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