Friday, April 23, 2010

Also Conflicted about Black Metal

Saturday, April 24: Until the Light Takes Us @ Real Art Ways, Hartford

Gosh, RAW just has it in for me this week. Saturday night there will be a final screening of the documentary Until the Light Takes Us, a look inside the violent black metal underground of Norway in the early 90s. This is rather old news and dredges up a rather embarrassing chapter for metal. The film itself has been criticized for being too soft on its subjects and by default endorsing the ignorant views and motives (racism, nationalism, homophobia) of some of the musicians from that scene, who were involved in church burnings, suicides and murder. Murder. That's serious business.

But hey, we can have fun with it. Saturday night's event will also feature a chat with peeps from Redscroll records and a performance by a band called Darkwor. They are true, kult Worcestorian black metal. They fellows in the band all have silly nicknames, as the genre convention dictates, but I wonder if I "totally know them."

Extra: MTV's Kurt Loder weighs in.

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  1. Darkwor's guitarist is not tr00. I wore my Celtic Frost MORBID TALES hoodie to the diner he worked at and the dude mistook it for Morbid Angel merch. *insert snarky smirking smilie thing here*