Monday, April 19, 2010

Feel Bad Film: Under Our Skin

Tuesday, April 20, 7 p.m.: Under Our Skin @ Founders Hall, Northwestern Connecticut Community College, Winsted

Under Our Skin is a fascinating and rather alarming documentary about the controversies surrounding the treatment of Lyme disease, particularly for those patients who have chronic symptoms. The mainstream medical establishment, including the IDSA, has basically deemed a subset of patients untreatable and/or undiagnosable, resulting in patients being denied benefits or losing them all together, and worse, doctors being essentially witch-hunted for even attempting unconventional treatments, and in some cases losing their licenses, practices and fortunes in the process. The film gets personal by focusing on several dramatic patient cases, but also includes plenty of interesting testimony from scientists and the voices from the mainstream opposition.

You can check out a screening out in Winsted at Northwestern Connecticut Community College. This here is Lyme country (and tick season), so it's very relevant to CT residents, and will resonate with anyone who has dealt with the logistical nightmare of chronic medical problems. NCCC's website for news is truly terrible; you can download a pdf press release about this event if want to. Check out the film's official site.

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