Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kumquats: where you been all my life?

I like to think of myself as having exotic taste in food. I frequent a number of "ethnic" establishments. But I can be a real creature of culinary habit. I find the thing I like and get it - or make it (I'm looking at you, quesadillas) - again and again and again. And on other matters, I've been a slow starter. Like sushi. Took til my early 20s. Now I can't get enough, and I'm a wiz with the chopsticks. Eat my cereal with 'em, I do.

Only just this past week did I get to know the joy of kumquats (much to my chagrin), thanks to my oft-mentioned pal Cynthia - who just loves orange shit. She gave me the first hit for free, and I was hooked. For the uninitiated (I can't be the only one?), kumquats look like oval-shaped bite-sized oranges, taste like a cross between a lemon and an orange, and you eat them whole, skin and all. I was quickly off to the dealer to try and get some of my own. Hit up three grocery spots one day, couple more then next. No damn kumquats. The cravings grew. I could feel my skin crawl and my thumbs go weird... Rejoice: today I was able to get some at Trader Joe's (Westfarms). If you hurry, you can too.


  1. you can love the orange shit almost as much as I do!!

    P.S. You're welcome!!

  2. I just discovered kumquats last month. Kumquats (we got them from Trader Joe's, lol) are UH-MAZING. Told the kids they were "backwards oranges" because the skin is sweeter than the flesh, and we devoured a box in a day. Yum.

    Crap. Now I think I have to go to Trader Joe's tomorrow. I wish the local stores would stock things like this on a regular basis. I see 'em every now and then at Big Y but not often enough to count on them being there.