Monday, May 3, 2010

Show Fliers = Great Art

Saturday, May 8: Even More F*cked Up and Photo-copied @ The Gallery at 51 Crescent Ave., Bridgeport

"Back in the day" Team Scenic used to be on a (snail) mailing list for Matt Mullarkey (of The Injections, Elvis McMan, The Pink Slips, The Midnightmares) and get all these great fliers in the mail about upcoming punk shows at venues you'll all remember like the Tune Inn and the Muni. Check out this pre-internets (no websites listed!) classic:

We were psyched about seeing shows, but we loved the fliers too! We weren't the only ones - the Gallery at Black Rock is putting on a show of Matt's "disposable art" at the Gallery at 51 Crescent Ave. in Bridgeport. The show opening will include a performance by Matt's current band, the Midnightmares, who we've seen before and thought were a ton of screamy, lady-fronted fun. There will also be beer and another band, Shangk.

And just for kicks, and to keep things personally nostalgic, here's a piece of Mullarkey art (from the Injections demo cover?) copied by Katie Scenic onto an absurd coat she imagined was acceptable scenewear in high school: