Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Naked in Middletown

Friday, November 5: Art Bares All @ MAC 650 Gallery, Middletown
We're excited about "Art Bares All" because this group show and live art experience is all about naked bodies, and who doesn't like naked bodies? Well, repressed hypocrites, that's who. But we know better. Underneath our clothes, we've all got a naked body of our own, and thanks to years of therapy - and literally months of yoga - we've learned to embrace them. 

Middletown's North End Artists Cooperative is putting on this show, which will involve works by 30 area artists and will feature live body painting and other kits-off phenomena, earning this event an 18+ designation, which means every body there is basically legal for embracing.

Artist friends-of-the-blog H.L. Groen and Christian Ayala will be representing, and many more.

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