Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Leftovers with Gavin Castleton

We hope you've been making the most of this weekend of Halloween partying - the Scenics sure have. DH was so inspired by that Phil Spector documentary that he's been seen out on the town as Spector himself with a sexy dead girl in tow (because murdering women is HILARIOUS). And Katie Scenic has been mining her wardrobe for the laziest costumes ever three nights running - "Like a Prayer Madonna," Faith (the Vampire Slayer) and Daria (Morgendorffer). Jackie Scenic has been... MIA (missing in action, not the obnoxious-but-catchy lady rapper). Tonight is the night itself... we've already suggested some fun things to do, like a costume contest or a metal show. And what have we got in our mailbox? 
Why, it's a vaguely Halloween-y soundtrack for your Sunday from Gavin Castleton, who describes Home, his newest release (which you can stream from his site), as a zombie-themed pop opera. "Oregon" is the song in which our hero decides "to hang himself rather than be eaten alive by the raiding zombie hordes." Delightful!

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