Thursday, October 14, 2010

These parties are too expensive!

Proving once and for all that it ain't cheap and easy being green, tickets for the CT Science Center's hydrogen fuel cell powered gala start at $150. We'll have to find someplace less pricey to watch terrible new age whatever this guy is:

And Real Art Ways also wants $150 - for their Roast of Will Wilkins, which at least sounds like it will probably be funny. And delicious - The Pond House rocks. We will probably have to settle for making fun of Will behind his back. Or maybe we can take a few advance pot shots at the next Creative Cocktail Hour (this Thursday!).

One day perhaps we can afford such fancy parties. Until then, please enjoy our sour grapes.

[amusing image stolen from rap group Time Machine, thanks!]


  1. The CT Science Center Green Gala's $150 pricetag includes food and open bar all night. Yeah, it's still expensive, just wanted to make sure you knew that part.

  2. we should certainly hope so! CT Scenic provided connecticut's best donuts and all-you-can-drink middle shelf booze and top quality musical entertainment for $15 at their "gala." Never forget.

  3. I know, I was there, those doughnuts kicked ass! (The "Scenic" cocktails did their part too.) By the way, I'm flattered you're using the photo I took as your profile pic.