Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Victoire: Our date night pick this weekend

Saturday, Oct. 9: Victoire @ Real Art Ways, Hartford

So maybe you're an appreciator of elite culture looking to impress a date this weekend. We suggest attending Victoire's concert at Real Art Ways. Ooh - especially if your date is from a little out of town and maybe hasn't already been wowed by - or worse yet, jaded to - RAW's bounty of sophistication (i.e. hasn't slept with everyone who's anyone in Hartford yet). Guys: impress your girl by choosing to see this all-female "chamber rock" ensemble. Chamber rock? That sounds intellectual and challenging! All-female? He's in touch with his feminine side. Ladies: impress your fellas with how totally not threatened you are by the female talent on the stage. You're not one of those girl-hating girls. Lesbians: get your mutual admiration on. Gay dudes: Um..... we're looking into getting a gay dude Scenic, so we can run the gamut of stereotypes with impunity.

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