Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We read the Courant so you don't have to

But only once every few months or so! Sorry, we're trying to be a better blog.

This guy from Shelton has been charged with sexually assaulting a horse. But no! He says he was only trying to comfort the horsie and whoops, maybe he slipped a finger in. Katie Scenic has actually been up to her elbow in a horse's johnson before (yes, they're reversible), but that is a legit part of routine care for your male horses. However, guy, there is no known excuse for a layperson [huh huh - ed.] to be up in a lady horse's business. Gross!

Oreck wants to suck the breast cancer right outta West Hartford. We look forward to applying for our new jobs as vacuum cleaner salesladies (Jackie and Katie, obvs, hence the gendered term, DH has a career and doesn't need an awful job).

One fraternity from Yale was fiercely determined to show the world that admission to an Ivy League school doesn't entail superior intelligence or sophistication. They succeeded! LOL rape jokes!

That's the catchiest stuff. Want to know more about the increasingly suffocating cost of health care, a bomb threat at UConn or a Tylenol recall? Read it yourself!

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