Thursday, October 14, 2010

Punk-ish: Kimono Draggin' et. al. in New Haven

Saturday, Oct. 16: Kimono Draggin, Bobbie Peru, The Clearer @ Stella Blues, New Haven

Here's hoping you aren't already too overwhelmed by the volume of music posts this week. But if musicians are the only entertainers in the state that can be arsed with promoting themselves to us with a more substantial message and visuals than a fucking Facebook invite, well, we're just gonna be like a [much] less long-winded version of CT Indie around here (just joshin' yas, CT Indie, you do great work, and we get long in the wind too sometimes).

Attentive readers are already familiar with friends-of-the-blog Bobbie Peru; Kimono Draggin' are New Haven legends; The Clearer are new to us, but we like it so far.

Here's a vid by Bobbie Peru, not like we're playing favorites or anything, but they stay in touch really well and have great production value:

Hey, if any of our NYC area friends are reading: Bobbie Peru's next gig is Oct. 29 at VIP (Very Important Punk) bar, Otto's Shrunken Head (we've totally been there!).

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