Monday, October 11, 2010

Return of the donuts: Avon Cider Mill & more

As I was walking in to Bikram yesterday I overheard a hot tip about indie donuts in Avon: apple cider donuts and fritters at the Avon Cider Mill (actually from the Bakery Boys carnie food stand outside). I just had to jump on that conversation and got into a thing with the yoga instructor about where to get the best donuts in CT, and we all had a laugh about the irony of how when we're not doing Bikram we're stuffing our faces with donuts and piling bacon on our veggie burgers.

So after class I roped Mommy Scenic into going on a field trip with me. Much to our chagrin, they were actually out of donuts, but there were fritters to be had, and I'm pretty sure those are just the same do' in a different format. We shared a half dozen. They were crispy on the outside and moist and delicious on the inside.

Tis the season for apple cider donuts. This was actually not my first this week. My favorite fine food truck, Rocket (Torrington), is offering an apple cider donut now. Their donut is not entirely donut-like in texture, but is nevertheless totally tasty, served hot and fresh, and assured to be made from the best available ingredients. Incidentally, Team Rocket said they were inspired by our donut blogging! That is awesome.

As previously noted, we understand that one of our favorite donut stops, Luke's, makes pumpkin donuts on a strictly seasonal basis. We'll be checking in with them asap.

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