Sunday, October 3, 2010

S&Man (We totally know everyone, basically)

Friday, Oct. 8: S&Man @ The Silk City Flick Fest, Hartford

We're movers and shakers here at CT Scenic. We totally live here, sure, and we try and let you know what's going on, but we also totally go important places (like NYC) and no one can escape our succubus claws. Friday night I traveled to Brooklyn to preview S&Man, one of the films that will be playing at this weekend's Silk City Flick Fest here in Hartford (10 p.m., Young Studios, we already told you to come out for this shit, this is great).

S&Man (pronounced "Sandman" not "S & M man," btw) is a horror documentary, or more accurately a film within a documentary if that makes any sense by writer/director JT Petty, and just so happens to prominently feature interview footage with my would-be soulmate, independent horror/comedy/porn auteur and metal zine legend Bill Zebub. So we're talking like no degrees of separation here. So when I heard the film was screening at a kitschy Brooklyn theater (reRun) that serves booze and culinary delights like popcorn with your choice of various butters, duck fat or bacon fat, I was like so there. Seriously, click the link, read their menu. It's food porn for fatties.

S&Man was probably a little more special to me than it might be to you, what with my personal connection to one of the main subjects, and due to the fact that it also featured footage from Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, a painfully graphic sexually violent film that provided the entertainment for one of my most meaningful and memorable "dates" in high school... ah, sweet nostalgia (also: RIP, friend, see this is sad and deeply personal shit for me, OK). But it might be special for anyone who: enjoys indie or mainstream horror, has an interest in academic critical studies of horror, is a fan of Bill Zebub, enjoys underground or DIY film making. Petty's film is hardly comprehensive or conclusive on the subject, but definitely touches on some provocative subject matter, and throws some perverse drama into the mix just for fun.

In Brooklyn, Petty hung around for a little Q&A with the audience. But to be honest, the audience members just weren't that perceptive, and I had had a few drinks, so I just kind of took over and dominated the "discussion" with some great observations about how Let the Right One In is like the best movie ever, and Petty graciously shut up and agreed. I hope that session was as good for him as it was for me! Whatever, we're like BFFs now. Now we totally know him.

I said my piece at the Brooklyn Q&A, so I promise to STFU this Friday, and encourage you to come out, ask better questions, support this festival, and meet Petty here in Hartford. We're working hard to get Bill Zebub here for the show as well. You can help, if you just close your eyes, clap your hands and say I do believe in fairies...

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