Thursday, September 30, 2010

The New Silk City

The Silk City Flick Fest is movin' to Hartford. Venues will include The Wadsworth Atheneum, Capitol Community College, City Steam Brewery, Young! Studios, The Hartford Public Library and the CT Science Center. We're pretty excited about not having to cross the river, and to be able to walk between venues, rather than driving aimlessly around Manchester like we did last year. Seriously, that place is a maze.

The schedule is up and there are some intriguing programs planned. We'll give you some highlights, the full schedule is below.

Thursday, Oct. 7, is the Opening Night Reception at The Wadsworth from 5-8pm, followed by a screening of the nominated short Short Breath and the feature film Birthday.

Friday, Oct. 8, is an entire day of horror at Young! Studios. There will be a "Monsters and Gore" Workshop, led by Matt Corrigan. Matt will "teach you how to make all the dead stuff, bloody limbs and gore for your next low budget horror movie." Matt's worked on all sorts of impressive Hollywood movies and he can MacGuyver a bottle of wine like none other.* The day will also include many horror shorts and three feature films including S&man (we totally know them). Also on Friday, Capitol Community College will be featuring student films throughout the day, followed by two nominated features in the evening, Esther's Diary and Safe House.

Saturday, Oct. 9, the festival coincides with The ING Hartford Marathon. Feature documentary Spirit of the Marathon will be shown several times throughout the weekend at The Wadsworth. It's about, well, running marathons. The Wadsworth will also be screening a block of International Short Films several times throughout the weekend and Saturday night they will feature Black Dynamite, a spoof of 70's black exploit movies.

City Steam will hold a series of workshops on Saturday, and the CT Science Center will be screening American Meth, a documentary on the effects of methamphetamine use on a an American family. Young! Studios will be screening shorts all day, followed by a narrative feature from Brooklyn, Apostles of Park Slope.

The festival concludes Sunday, Oct. 10, with a gala and awards ceremony at City Steam from 6-10pm.

*ask us for that story another time.

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