Friday, September 24, 2010

Divination: The Intuitive Art of H.L. GROEN

HARTFORD, CT- This Saturday night marks the event that has been the talk of the town; opening night for "Divination: The Intuitive Art of H.L. Groen". ArtSpace Hartford will be the place. Expect to see arts patrons in their fine evening attire rub elbows with the Gypsies and Trotskyites. But this is no fashion show, though I'm sure you'll spy a mink stole or two riding above the latest thing from Paris.

H.L. Groen, famous in this bustling metropolis for her art as well as her wild bohemian escapades, will be presenting a collection of new work, said to reflect "spiritual exploration" and her "impulsive nature". Expect a show of mixed media; drawings as well as several pieces of sculpture.

This reporter had an opportunity to visit the artist earlier this summer. On the day in question Groen had set up a huge tent, resembling a Sultan's palace, from which a child sold an exquisite lemonade. Passing carriage drivers gaped in amazement, and many tied up their horses in order to tour the spectacle and purchase refreshment. Those that entered were dazzled by the exotic works of art hanging within those billowing walls. I was offered a drink from a hidden pitcher. I remember remarking on the exotic flavor and aroma, then abruptly found myself wandering half-naked in a farmer's field after dark.

The gallery has informed me that Hors d'oeuvre's and libations will be provided. Additional spirits will be available at a cash bar.

Groen has a fondness for street urchins and ragamuffins. Her considerable talents have rubbed off on many, and the show will feature drawings of H.L. Groen's visual art students from the Hartford Magnet Middle School and original music by high school students Atticus Kelly and Adrian Mojica of the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts.

The opening celebrations begin promptly at 6pm and end at 9. For additional informations click here or post a letter to the artist at

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