Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend in South Central....Connecticut

The Scenics split up to cover more ground this past weekend. Your humble reporter received an invitation to check out CT's own Yankee Brutals take on Queen City's Nickel City Knockouts (from western New York state). That's right, Roller Derby!

The bout took place at the CT Sports Center in Woodbridge. The CT sports center appears to be a mallable indoor warehouse space, I saw indoor soccer goals in the unused portion, the entire facility is huge, thousands of square feet. We should have a Scenic party there!

The most important part of the facility was, of course the refreshment stand, selling an excellent variety of beer. I was advised to bypass these and buy PBR cans as the proceeds would directly benefit the CT RollerGirls. Luckily, by the time I arrived the cans were long gone. PBR is fine, but I need to be a bit "warmed up" to tolerate it. I ordered a Long Trail, which went well with the cupcakes (also sold as part of the fundraiser).

What about this Roller Derby phenomenon that's been sweeping the country since the 1880's?

The action was fairly fast, occasionally only lasting for short bursts that would yield to longer evolving action segments. I was handed a guide to the complex referee calls and signals, and applying my full analytical powers I deduced that these hott roller babes were putting a serious beat down on each other.

Next time I'll get some real press credentials and bring my Rolleiflex film camera. Then maybe I'll capture some iconic shots like these:

This kind of looks like some old photos of my grandmother. Now I understand why my Grandfather kept saying she was a real knockout.

Of course for us literary types, the derby names are an attraction unto themselves. My fav for the night was Yankee Brutals co-captain "Babe Vigoda". Does anyone even remember who Abe Vigoda is?

There are all sorts of fun people at the roller derby. I got to hang with friend of the blog Laurie Lynne while she tended her Rockabilly Rita stand
Check out those striped skull stockings!
I've kept you in suspense long enough, CT's own Yankee Brutals brought home the bacon, winning 127-84.

No doubt the entire CT Scenic editorial staff will be partying at a roller derby soon, it's good clean family fun. By "family" I mean an organization like a mafia crime family, or the Manson family.

I bid adieu to the roller derby after an unsuccessful bid to lure a roller girl to my next port of call.
Yes, you read right, the night was still young. I buzzed over to the Independisc Birthday Bash at Cafe 9 (You read about it on this very blog). When I arrived, The Big Fat Combo was on stage laying it down. I have to admit I was a bit distracted running into CT scene legends The Sawtelles, the only band to tour Connecticut on a motor scooter. The Mold Monkies closed the show.

Everyone attending received a gift wrapped CD. Mine featured a Christmas motif and contained an Independisc sampler featuring work from way back in 1999. Cool!

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