Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Go Team Rocket!

Well, after a morning of surgery (assisting, not receiving!) and an afternoon of shopping, Cynthia and I had worked up an appetite, and before we left Brazen Betties, Julia was all "Have you tried Rocket yet?!" I've heard all about this "Fine Street Food" truck on Facebook and been tantalized by their menu postings, but no, we hadn't tried them yet. Well, Julia made a call to make sure the truck was in it's usual position (outside Oddo's - they also do shifts at UConn in Torrington and Torrington's Saturday farmers market). She told them famous, hungry bloggers were coming, and not to take off. Get it, take off?

Haha. Well, they weren't going anywhere, but we appreciate the VIP treatment. Rocket is all about quality and has a simple menu of comfort-oriented food with sophisticated embellishments - like grilled cheese with gruyere on hearty local bread. They buy local as much as possible and boast some appealing NOs: no high-fructose corn syrup, no trans fats, no hormones, no antibiotics. Cynthia had the fancy grilled cheese. I had a green chile cheeseburger. ("naturally raised angus beef, rocket-roasted green chile sauce, monterrey jack and colby cheese on Collinsveill Baking Company roll.") We were enamored. We each had an Avery soda - another local!

We got all chatty with the proprietors of course. We were impressed with the bread, and they gave us a rap about how they didn't want to go cheap or chintzy with anything. We so admire that. They told us we should totally go visit Collinsville Baking Co. (which is actually in New Hartford). [Spoiler: we totally went there!]

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