Saturday, September 11, 2010

CoffeeQuest: Winsted

We've mentioned before what a thrill it is to find a place to buy a decent cup of coffee. In the quest to stay awake at jobs/school, in the absence of alternatives, I've had to compromise my integrity one too many times with Dunkin Donuts swill. So I'm pleased to find a new indie coffee shop, Karen's Cafe in Winsted that serves excellent coffee. Karen's Cafe is a bittersweet discovery for me. The shop is located at 64 Main St., previously the site of my favorite Winsted coffee/restaurant/social destination, Cafe 64, which served the most amazing coffee shakes, flatbread sandwiches, and was staffed with attractive young people and frequented by the hipsterest clientele Northwest CT could muster.

But enough nostalgia! Karen's has only been open a few months, so I hope Winsted wants good coffee as badly as I do. They also serve your expected spectrum of espresso drinks and tea and have baked goods and wraps that I have not tried yet, but look forward to exploring. A sandwich menu is in the works.

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  1. Katiiiiie! Oh, the sadness in my heart when I think of Cafe 64. I remember going in and really wanting mozzarella sticks, which they didn't make, but then they made us that amazing flatbread/pesto/mozzarella thing. That is my favorite thing in the world. I had to take Joe Don there once, and I felt like I was desecrating a holy shrine. Le sigh.