Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hitting the Wine Trail: Jerram Winery

I know, I know, the Connecticut wine trail, right? It totally exists! There's also this cute CT wine passport. Well, I had to make yet another trip out New Hartford way to see a guy about a dog (more or less) and the prospect of yet another lonely trip out Route 44 was grim, so I roped in my trusty staycation buddy (I am of course referring to SuperLula, who needs to update this blog I keep linking you to!) to come along for the ride, and she suggested we make a romantic afternoon of it with a visit to Jerram Winery.

Well, I've actually never been to a winery, but I've seen Sideways, and I've had a few glasses in my day. SuperLula mentioned that she had enjoyed the Nor'easter by Jerram and that Jackie Scenic recommends their White Frost chardonnay. So I said "Swell, let's do it."

As you can see the grounds are lovely and expansive, with various places where you can sit down and enjoy a glass. We paid $6 for a tasting which included six wines. If we are going to be quite honest, I'll admit to not knowing jack about wine, and mostly enjoying it for the slightly different colored buzz it seems to impart. And though I did enjoy some quality, manly beers and secret microbrew vodka this summer, I must also admit that as often a not (or more!) I like my drinks to taste good and be "easy to drink." As opposed to, say, "hard to swallow." (Bloggy Aside: while I cannot endorse his particular tastes, I love what The Assimilated Negro had to say on the subject of "girly-drinking.") SuperLula is in the same boat. And so it was that we most enjoyed the two "semi-sweet" wines on the menu (the Aurora white table wine and the Nor'easter red), but we're pretty sure that these are not wine-drinkers wines and fall under the umbrella of kid-friendly booze. But we also managed to like the Marechal Foch, which was quite dry but nevertheless very smooth, and probably the more sophisticated pick.

Feelings of Hollywood induced wine tasting anxiety aside, our trip to Jerram was a most enjoyable foray into rural CT, and I'd like to wholeheartedly recommend this as a charming date idea and a means of enjoying our fair state's oft-underrated bounty, which is what I frequently tell new people this blog is all about - that is, when it isn't about going ATM with your friends or hating on bands famous enough to not get all butt-hurt about it, because they don't even know we exist.

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