Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fine Skateboard Art

Friday, Sept. 10: Skateboard Art Show & Video Premiere @ Donald Oat Theater, Norwich

Although we Scenics don't usually make it to the "far" corners of the state, we are excited about friend-of-the-blog Gary Jacobs' skateboard art which will be included in a show by the Norwich Arts Council. Since we like to make things personal around here, I'll mention that Gary is a former student of Mommy Scenic, and that he's known her longer than I have! Now Mommy Scenic probably has thousands of former students in the CT community, but when I mentioned Gary she was all "OMG he was like the best artist, even back then. I totally kept his art in my office for years, he's like soooo talented."

This sounds like a fun kind of art event. There will be a video of some kind premiering, though I can't find much out about it, and a boozy after party at Billy Wilson's.

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