Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rocky River Sweets

I mentioned in my last Hot/Lot post how I'm going to be totally stress eating this semester. Well, it's not going to be all nearly expired cookie imports and failed trend snack food oddities for me, now that I know about Rocky River Sweets of New Hartford (Route 44).

It's more than just a sweets shop. They also have sandwiches (see the sign boasts Boar's Head meats), but more importantly, they have sweet potato fries (one of my favorite foods - this can be the decisive factor in restaurant selection) and fried dough. Wow, fried dough, just whenever, without even having to go to a county fair. I just heard myself get fatter. Lucky I'm wearing scrubs...

These all-beef Sabrett hotdogs are supposed to be the Cadillac of tubesteaks or something:

For today's venture, school-and-carpool mate Cynthia and I just got ice cream, which was unfortunately not a "CT Treat" - it was Hershey's - but was nevertheless delicious and hit the spot in the hundred or whatever degree heat this afternoon. Although the ice cream was corporate, these ice cream cones were something special:

They also sometimes offer a whipped cream of the day - homemade and flavored. Sadly, not today. We'll just have to keep trying.

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