Monday, September 27, 2010

Phallic Artistry: International Edition

Maybe we've just been kicking around the same old ground in our home town too restrictively to stumble upon any new "phallic artistry" ourselves lately. And though Jackie and I more or less despair of ever getting to leave the state - much less the country - ever again, the way we used to when we had our youth, decent jobs and health going for us... [sigh] For your amusement and education allow us to strain the scope of our blog a bit and bring you these delightful pictures from our successful adult friends' trip to Mongolia, which have been explained as "dick rock" and "vag hill," a site and sculpture associated with local fertility/virility rituals. I can't seem to find much in the way of official literature on subjects (possibly because they are not actually called dick rock and vag hill), but look, some other blogging adventurers reported pretty much the same.

Got any such monuments erected in your neck of the woods? If you've been holding out on us, why not give us the tip? Hell, we'll take the whole thing.


  1. This is the Phallic Rock of Karakhorin, Mongolia. This is the new installation. The original, ancient, smaller and broken version is nearby.

  2. The Vag hill does look somewhat abandoned. I'd say it needs a picker-upper of sorts.

    / Peter (No pun intended)