Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Spend some extra time with RAW this week

Thursday, Sept. 16: Creative Cocktail Hour
Saturday, Sept, 18: Real Ride @ Real Art Ways, Hartford

Third week is here again - so soon! So of course we'll be at Creative Cocktail Hour to flex our livers and show off our best fashiony things (and our hott yoga bodies). This month is going to feature some kind of instant art by Jane Shauck and her Polaroid camera. But does that Polaroid come with a Santa suit and humiliation like that one Mad Men episode? We sure hope so...

If that isn't enough (and it's never enough), RAW is hosting another Real Ride, this time a navel-gazing bike tour of RAW-related stuff around Hartford. Regrettably, we missed their last group ride, which looks like it was a ton of fun:

Hey, does this count for the "fitness" tag?


  1. I so wish you guys were down this way more!

  2. AAAAHHH!!! I am so pissed I have to work the night of the Real Ride!!! Granted, I'll be working at RAW, but still..... :(

  3. OMG, third Fitness tag already! Yooooooou've chaaaaaaanged.