Saturday, September 11, 2010

What's Hot at the Lot: Style for Miles

Shoppers of The Lot all learn sooner or later that when you find a hot item, you gotta grab 'em up while they last. And I've been so happy with my Russell capri sweats that I decided to go back for another pair. They are so comfy for lounging, and ideal for biking and not getting caught up in the gears too. Got the same color and everything, because really, is there another color for sweats besides grey? I also couldn't resist a $4 organic cotton ribbed top (which unfortunately just proved to be a lint magnet on its first laundry cycle) and some little shorts I need for running/Bikram. Seriously, why would you buy your sweat-clothes anywhere else?

Last year I regretted not buying more than four pairs of these amazing cashmere blend socks; they were gone from the shelves before I knew it, with no worthy successor. So imagine my delight this morning to find them in stock once again. Though the company got tricky and is now packaging them one plain pair + one patterned pair, so now if you want two pairs of argyle socks, you'll have to buy two packs, etc. But at $3 for two pairs, they're totally worth it.

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