Thursday, September 30, 2010


Monday, Oct. 4: U.S. Senate Debate Event @ Anna Liffey's, New Haven

We're sure feeling political this week! But hey, thanks to years of going to all the right parties, we totally know all of Hartford's hottest alt-pol candidates. Connecticut for Lieberman legit U.S. Senate nominee John Mertens will participate almost-live in Monday night's Blumenthal/McMahon debate via the magic of technology (TeeVee, pause button) from a fun remote venue - New Haven Irish pub Anna Liffey's. Hear the agenda, bask in the validating solidarity of your fellow disenfranchised citizens, throw back a pint. And remember, Linda McMahon is basically a disgusting imitation of a human being: the latest ick.

Jeez, we can't seem to pry the "politics" and "booze" tags away from each other!

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