Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shopping!: Brazen Betties revisited

I've blogged up Brazen Betties before - the wonderful downtown Torrington shop that features exclusively CT designers and artists with sexy, retro and pin-up inclinations. Well, proprietress Julia has been FB-ing about great seasonal sales and new merch and Cynthia and I were in the neighborhood and looking for a good time after the usual bad time at school, so we decided to drop by.

Everybody loves the "steampunk" ring by White Flag Designs I bought there on my first visit. Well, there's plenty more where that came from, so go get one for yourself.

WFD is the work of a gal out in Canton, who is also responsible for One Hand Washes the Other, delicious smelling natural soaps and creams and lip balms and things (Cynthia went for a lip balm). Cynthia also went for this ridiculous[ly awesome] hair ornament by Loveycraft (a crafty bitch from small town charm epicenter Collinsville).

Julia kept encouraging us to try gorgeous and fabulous things so we could see how amazing everything looks on, so of course I was hooked in as well. And loath as I am to spoil the live effect of a new outfit, it is my duty to share with you readers. I got this (price reduced!) chic De Melis... is it a coat? Whatever it is, I love it:

I had to have a Loveycraft too. She makes all these flamboyant headbands with big silky bows and colorful feathers. Check out my 'cock, you know you want it.


  1. We love BB's! Thanks for spreading the word. : )

  2. you guys look ridiculously hot in your loveycrafts!