Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Some Like it Hot: Crash Course in Bikram Yoga

At DH's behest I had my first taste of Bikram Yoga this week. Actually, my first taste of yoga whatsoever, but hey, I enjoy a challenge. For those out of the loop (assuming we actually have some readers outside of our little Monday morning yoga party), Bikram is the hot yoga - a 90 minute session in 100+ degree heat seems to be the industry standard. Luckily, I've been doing "Bikram food service" next to a 450 degree oven, "Bikram biking" and "Bikram trail running" all [hottest] summer [ever]. Also "Bikram broken AC car driving," which sucked! So I was able to hang with it pretty well, if not express all the postures fully or quite correctly.

DH has been espousing the mind-and-body transforming virtues of an almost-daily Bikram regimen over the past few months, and Jackie and I can attest to his elevated hottness levels (we really are a good looking blog...). On the purely superficial level (cuz I have no hidden depth, obviously) I am convinced by one session that hot yoga is the ticket to a hot body. (Nearly) Everybody in that joint was all lean meat, having apparently shed their Caladanian waterfatness in the Arakeen heat... OK, that didn't really flow, but I jut wanted to drop a Dune reference. And this seems like a healthier way to a Super Skinny Me than having a fundoplication surgery and months of pain-induced anorexia every time I want to lose a few pounds...

Spiritually enlightened, sexually sublimated practitioners bear with me for a minute: feeling better about looking better is not strictly stupid. We're living in a culture that frequently heaps mounds of favor and preference upon beautiful looking people, and I don't know too many women (including gorgeous leggy ones) that aren't victim to body image anxieties at one time or another. You could write a book about that shit!

I will keep you posted on the mental benefits when I've been able to give it more than 90 minutes. Perhaps DH can be provoked to write something more thoughtful on the subject.

Interested parties: Google tells me you can practice Bikram thoughout the state. Most studios offer amazing introductory deals ($30-$40 for an unlimited first month). It gets more expensive from there, but a month should be enough to figure out if you are really ready to Eat, Pray, Spend your way to wellness. (Do check out that linked article, here I'll link it again, about the perils of overextending oneself financially in the name of self-improvement, it's worth the read. Most properly employed folks like DH can afford a monthly membership at a quality CT facility though; Jackie and I and our other underearning peers may be relegated to "studio shopping" for a few introductory months). Jackie Scenic helpfully pointed me in the direction of West Hartford Yoga's $5 early morning hot yoga class.

Internal memo: guys, I made a "fitness" tag. We're into fitness, right?

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