Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Yarn: Hipstercana to Hartford

Satuday, Oct. 16: Yarn @ Black-eyed Sally's, Hartford

The love/hate relationship with Downtown Hartford continues, and while I'm sure it must be confusing for you readers, that's just life sometimes. Brooklyn's Yarn play Americana/roots music, with mandolin and double bass and vocal harmonies and all that. And even though they are obviously hipsters, there's nothing ironic sounding about their music, which is all earnest twang. I've met and checked these guys out at Sully's, and they were really good, and very nice. They're from the city, so they've heard of blogs, and I think I said I'd be sure and write them up if they came back. So here it is.

Here's a live performance by Yarn:

Can Yarn satisfy the Scenics' current need to hang out with New Yorkers? Musicians are usually fake New Yorkers (except my cousin, he the real deal), imports from Westchester at best. Well, they may do in a pinch. If we play our cards right, maybe they can invite us to a loft party sometime.


  1. Saw them at the Main Pub in Manchester (that's right, across thee rivah!). Good stuff like Old 97's.

  2. they need to tour Texas with Old 97's!