Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pleased to meet Ms Robin Banks

Sunday, Oct. 31: Halloween Costume Contest w/ Robin Banks @ York Street Cafe, New Haven

We're always saying things like "the best part of going out in CT is the celebrities," and you're probably like whatever, these Scenics are delusional. And you'd be right on the last point - but seriously, when you go to all the right parties you find there are VIPs all around you (and by you we mean us). We're so glad we went to the Lipgloss Crisis event at Cafe Nine last night. Our walk to the club from another part of town helped serve to placate our usual Scenic Envy when we saw that New Haven has a "douchestrict" too (complete with a Black Bear - ugh!), but once we got to Cafe Nine, everything was cool, and we started running into important people like that guy that used to be in Sidewalk Dave, the real Lipgloss Crisis (our earlier identity confusion resolved), burlesque performer Dot Mitzvah, and the amazing Robin Banks, a New Haven drag legend (pictured here with All Systems Go-Go, who promise to put some content up on that page soon).

We're so glad we met Robin, so now we know about one more great Halloween-y thing to do this weekend. Check out a costume contest hosted by Robin Banks at New Haven's 168 York Street Cafe this Sunday night at 11 p.m. Robin is a riot, so this is definitely going to be a winner.

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